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What interconnects all the favorite detectives like Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, Kojak, Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, Edgar Allan Poe’s August Dupin or professionals from C15- Bodie, Doyle and Cowley with actors like Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Bruce Willis or Don Johnson?

It is not the number of solved cases, not even a number of bullets shot, but the Shoulder Rigs.

Shoulder Rigs

Although this carry style fits amongst the oldest, it kept its “elegance”. After the years of gun use the Shoulder Holsters were changed towards higher functionality, but the base stayed the same. The holsters are attached to the Shoulder Rig from the top and to the trousers from the bottom. While moving, the holster shifts a little, which might not be ideal. With this holster type it is essential to balance the weight of the gun with the counterbalance (ex.: another ammunition, knife, magazine…) This is the purpose of single, or cross shoulder harnesses. They are commonly made from Nylon or Leather. The carry itself consists of 4 components- a holster, a harness, a counterbalance and a tie-down strap.  The wearing position might be horizontal or vertical. Both options have their Pros & Cons. While gripping the gun might be easier to grip and draw while in the horizontal holster, the vertical holster might also conceal a large gun. 

Configurating a Shoulder Rig

The right configuration of a Shoulder Rig is essential and surprisingly simple. You can manage it in 4 steps:

  • Harness configuration
  • Positioning of a holster
  • Attachment of counterbalance
  • Tie-down by a strap

Take care of fixing the holster well. It has to be firm, but not too tight- still allowing you to move comfortably.

The Greatest Pros & Cons


Comfort – Wearing a shoulder holster is comfortable. It does not weight down the trousers and does not get in the way while moving, sitting or driving.

Elegance – Shoulder rigs are stylish, even while wearing a suit or other formal garment.

Variability – Thanks to the product variability, you can conceal a gun in whatever size or caliber.


Safety – We suggest the Shoulder Rigs as a solution to gun users with high level safety habits. Using the horizontal position, your gun is aiming at whoever stands behinds you, into the space you have no control of.

Gun Draw – To manage effective gun draw from the shoulder holster requires a precise training- drill, drill and drill again. If you wear a jacket, you need to pull it from the way by your non-dominant hand first, and at the same time take a grip of a gun by your dominant hand. It is advised to wear a light and unzipped jacked to ease the process.


Shoulder Rigs do not belong amongst the most often used. They are preferred for duty or tactical use. Amongst the civils this carry style is used mostly for hiking or hunting. Shoulder Rigs are ideal and stylish accessory in the formal environment.

shoulder holster

Shoulder holster carry styles

A barrel is positioned horizontally allowing very quick gun draw. Only shorter barrel length pistols and revolvers can be carried in this way, since longer barrels would stick out from a body silhouette.

Vertical gun positioning sorts out the problem with a longer barrel but in the same time makes a gun draw more complicated. Anyway, this is the only option allowing the under-arm carry of a long barrel gun.

A compromise made to solve the problematic gun draw from a vertical holster. Rotating holster is carried in vertical position, but opens in an angle at the moment of a gun draw. 

Carrying gun on shoulder harness is the only option providing quick acces to gun itself while wearing a jacket. Alaskan style holster designed to be worn over clothes on a chest, keeps a gun in the effective angle. This holster design is fixed to the body, does not move and secures a gun with thumb break, or other security option. Ideal for forest walks and in occasions that allow Open Carry.

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What to consider when choosing a holster?


At first, consider the position of the your weapon when carrying. 


Choose the right material of holster for the type of use & carry.


All our products are custom made for your gun. Therfore we guarantee the prefect gun fit.


We offer only the best quality of material for reasonable and affordable price.


Our products come with 2 or 5 years warranty – depending on the material.


We guarantee the highest safety standards of online shpping.

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